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The DSMA group focuses on clear and ambitious goals, to set priorities and to clarify expectations within the company. In addition, this approach is instrumental to improve individual, team and overall business performance.
The DSMA group will enhance the product visibility by directly interacting with the customers and help the company to achieve their annual targets.
The people with good communicating skills and have ability to understand the value of engaging the customer in the meaningful dialogue to further the relationship can join the truly marry as DSMA.

The Responsibilities

  • To help the customers in search of their life partners

  • Contribution in sales through Direct Selling Alliance concept

  • Maintaining and enhancing brand image of the company

  • Helping people to understand the different concepts introduced in our marketing plans

  • Developing relationships with clients

  • Generating level of trust in clients for generating better businesses

  • Revenue sharing on basis of Direct Selling Marriage Alliance notion

  • People can register in DSMA group and work on behalf of They will collect and validate the data of users interested in our matrimonial services. This can be beneficial for the people aspiring to get good matches and also, a step towards making a collaborative business deal.
    The DSMA members will be trained to be specialized in their work. Their purpose is to reach to maximum no. of people to know their expectations and thoughts and help them in choosing a perfect life partner.
    And this would also help us to connect to our customers more effectively and provide them best MATCHMAKING services, needed to make the right choice concerning their life partners.
    Our main goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to our Customers, Job seekers and Learners.