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Benefits of joining DSMA

People can register in DSMA group and work on behalf of They can analyze, collect and club the data of users interested in our matrimonial services. This can be beneficial for the people aspiring to get good matches and also, a step towards making a collaborative business deal.

Responsibility of DSMA group

  • Contribution in sales through Direct Selling Alliance concept

  • Maintaining and enhancing brand image of the company

  • Helping people to understand the different concepts introduced in our marketing plans

  • Developing relationships with clients

  • Generating level of trust in clients for generating better businesses

  • Revenue sharing on basis of Direct Selling Marriage Alliance notion

  • Working of DSMA

    The person who is joining the DSMA GROUP will also get 30 to 50% revenue sharing with a company on the basis of working note.
    Call us at +91-9305089627/08303930005/09235600502 or Email us at to know more.
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